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Eye Test

The more you know about your eyes, the easier it is to make sure they stay healthy and fit for life. Regular eye checks are an essential part of a healthy lifestyle, but we aim to give you more. By providing you with information on eye fitness, safety, how to look after your eyes when you travel, common eye conditions and explain how the eye works, we believe that you have the information you need to keep your eyes working at their best.

Your eyes cannot be replaced. With some problems you will not necessarily have any symptoms or pain. The eye test can pick up very early signs of any problems and usually the earlier they are treated the better. The eye test can detect underlying health problems that you aren't aware of, such as Glaucoma, Diabetes, High Blood Pressure, some brain tumours and multiple sclerosis. The eye test will also detect if your vision can be improved. You may just be used to seeing less clearly so don't realise it can be improved upon. Good Vision gives a better quality of life. For children, it is essential that their eyes are functioning normally for them to perform well at school. Don't accept that poor vision is due to your age. It may be possible to improve it further. It is important your vision meets certain legal standards for driving and certain occupations.