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Glasses and Lenses

Choosing the right pair of glasses isn't just about the frame and how it looks on your face. Selection starts with your prescription, which guides your choice of lenses and the frame styles best suited to your lens types. Ultimately, your prescription will help you narrow down the options for your glasses from the huge variety available. Then of course, it’s about finding the right pair of glasses to match your style and your budget.
Most prescriptions are compatible with all frames, but complex or high index prescriptions can sometimes limit your style choice. This is why we provide you with expert free advice to match your prescription face shape and frame together in-store. This means you'll leave with the perfect pair of glasses for you. Browse this section to begin finding your perfect pair - then we always recommend coming to see us in-store, where we can spend time finding your ideal pair. Why not book an appointment today.


For most of us choosing a new pair of glasses means choosing a new pair of frames, and we don't always consider what lenses to put in them. Just like choosing a car, there are many types of lenses which offer different levels of performance; from the latest technological developments with tailor-made options for the best possible vision, to great value ranges suitable for all budgets - available in both single vision and progressive or bifocal. At Mangawhai Optometrists we pride ourselves on recommending the best lenses available so you get the best choice to suit your needs.

Lens options

Single vision
Single vision lenses have one single prescription across their entire surface and are suitable in all scenarios, whether you need your glasses for driving, working or reading.
Mangawhai Optometrists also offer the latest innovations in single vision lenses single and are tailor-made for your unique measurements. These individual lenses offer the widest fields of view; clear vision to the very edge of the lens; superb contrast and colour definition as well as being extremely slim and light. Individual lenses can be made to most prescriptions and are available with all lens enhancements - such as high index lenses (making them thinner and lighter), anti-reflection coatings (enhancing your look and reducing glare driving at night or on the PC) and photochromic lenses (like Transitions™).
If you need to wear glasses for both distance and near vision, you could wear separate pairs of single vision glasses dedicated to each task. However, it would be worth considering the benefits of progressives.

Eyes change throughout our lives, gradually losing the ability to focus on close objects. During our mid-forties, the lenses in our eyes become stiffer so that the muscles that control them can’t make them adjust to a close target as well - which eventually causes blurred vision. This is called Presbyopia, and it happens to all of us. You'll probably find yourself holding books, newspapers or product labels further away, or needing more light in order to read clearly.

If you are experiencing the symptoms of Presbyopia, there are three lens options:
Reading: good for near vision only. If you look up at a computer screen or across a room, your vision will blur while wearing glasses.
Bifocal: an older option wherein the lens is divided into two distinct sections for near and distance, but provides no correction for mid distance.
Progressive: designed for all distances, as the lens corrects near, distance and in-between vision.

We recommend progressive lenses for:
The convenience of having natural vision at all distances in one pair of glasses.
Great cosmetic appearance with no visible line on the lens, unlike bifocal lenses.

Don't worry if you've never tried progressive lenses before, we’ll give you expert advice on which lenses to choose and how to get the most from them. Even progressive lenses cannot offer 100% clear vision - there will be areas of the lenses through which you will see softer focus. The lenses you choose can determine the amount of soft-focus area you experience. A tailor-made lens will enable you to minimise this effect - for more information visit our store.

A bifocal lens provides distance and near vision in one lens. The near vision correction of the lens is contained in a segment, often visible on the front of the lens. This segment provides the extra power necessary for you to read clearly.
Bifocals may still leave a gap for mid-distance vision; and, as a line dividing the lens is visible, some customers feel bifocals are not as cosmetically appealing. At Mangawhai Optometrists we will recommend the best option for you. For reading, this could be single vision lenses dedicated to your needs. We have a full range in our accessories section in store.
Regular eye check-ups are still necessary to determine your eye health status and vision needs.